100% of all donations will be applied to ovarian cancer research promoting early detection testing. Help us to reach our goal of $20,000 by September 16 of this year at the Ride to Fight On.

Dave, you are making men…better men, and women grateful.

Bonnie Griffith

MFOC Supporter

I personally keep a photo of Dr. and Mrs. Tillmanns in my office to remind me every day how important our combined efforts are in the quest to Fight On in memory of Sally, and for all patients who are currently undergoing treatment.

Leighanne Hart Soden

The University of Tennessee/West Institutefor Cancer Research

It is through the act of being a man for others that we realize our greatest potential.  This is an opportunity to truly contribute to the fight against a devastating cancer that claimed my Mother as one of its victims.

Todd D. Tillmanns MD

Professor and Director of Pelvic Surgery

Join us in the battle against OC. In the US alone, 1 in 73 women will develop Ovarian Cancer. Almost 2 women die every hour from this terrible disease.