Fight On 2016

Fight On 2016


All these guys are riding for Men Fighting Ovarian Cancer; to support our quest to conquer ovarian cancer. You can see the passion in their eyes. They want to make a difference. Each one of them have a story to tell about cancer and how it has impacted their lives.


They too are impacted by cancer in one way or another. All supporting each other in one cause, to conquer the hills of Shelby Farms Park and to conquer cancer!


800 strong are these runners and walkers. The same cause pushes them. Undeterred by the threat of rain they run in support of all the health care workers and their patients at the West Cancer Center.


Even at this refreshment SAG stop you see the determination to Fight On.


The West Cancer Center poster patient— Kate Horton—Diagnosed with stage 3 Ovarian Cancer at the same time Sally revealed the identical diagnosis.

Kate was treated by Todd and today is cancer free. How unfair this terrible disease can be. You know that Sally received incredible treatment as well by Todd’s close partner. Kate was 30 years younger, stronger and more capable of battling the disease. If only Sally could have been diagnosed early. Truly an affirmation for an early diagnosis test.


We finished. Todd, his oncology partner Adam, and me.


We finished. Todd, his oncology partner Adam, and me.


Big smiles for a big cause. Now for refreshments following their walk.


MFOC cyclists relaxing after the event.


These ladies all participated in the event. All Todd’s patients who have survived OC. We all had a lot to smile about.


Todd and one of his cancer free patients. A moment to always be celebrated. One always appreciates not only the treating doctor but the many healthcare staff members who facilitate recovery.


Here is a group of doctors, nurses, and other health care staff working at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. They helped raise over a thousand dollars for the event and also worked at the booth handing out educational pamphlets to visitors. Do you think they are excited about what they do?


I cannot say enough about these two wonderful people who treated Sally. Dr.Mark Reed, Gynecologic Oncologist and his nurse Larissa. Their compassion, patience, and love nurtured my dear wife through Chemo, Surgery, and a multitude of other treatments during her battle with Ovarian Cancer. I am so grateful for their support. They had a great team helping them as well. The West Cancer Center is a remarkable facility.

David Tillmanns