Fight On

Fight On

Dear Friends,

It has been 21/2 years since Sally passed away from Ovarian Cancer. This story is about the journey I have taken to try and make a difference in the battle against this terrible cancer.

Ovarian Cancer takes the lives of 15,000 women each year. Most of them, like Sally, fought a heroic battle, enduring surgery, chemo and radiation therapy, and endless hours and days of anguish wondering if the next treatment would eliminate the cancer. The husbands, children, other family members and friends share that anguish. The psychological toll is huge and recovery takes years.

To change this scenario we must develop an early recognition test for OC. The survival rate increases dramatically when OC is diagnosed in its early stages.

Men Fighting Ovarian Cancer (MFOC) was created for this purpose. To spread the word and inspire others to be part of the fight by donating to facilities that will do this groundbreaking research.

The University of Tennessee Health Science department/ West Cancer Center in Memphis is anticipating doing this research once they have raised $1,000,000. My son Todd is now a full professor at UT Medical school would initiate this research with the help of co- researcher Dr. Ramesh Narayanan.

MFOC recently sponsored the West Cancer Center Fight On/ Cycle, run, walk fundraising event. 100% of MFOC sponsor funds go toward funding this research.


David Tillmanns